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CBF/CBP Bolt Part Former

A CBF Series Specification - 3 Stations (PDF)

A CBF Series Specification - 4 Stations (PDF)

A CBP Series Specification - 5 Stations (PDF)

A CBP Series Specification - 6 Stations (PDF)


CBF series stands for 3, 4 stations bolt former.

CBP series stands for 5, 6 stations part former.


The air clutch brake system has been designed to actuate as “Inching ”, “Single stroke” and “Continuous running” cycle.


The solid cut-off die and knife ensures a square cut and clean edges.


The cut-off cam follower is designed at the center of the cut-off carrier rod to avoid eccentric force occurred on the cam follower pin and to maintain the rigidity and longevity of the machine.


The positive knock-out cam in the punch side is designed by computer to achieve simplicity and precision. Punch side knock-out timing coincides with the mainslide movement to prevent spill out of materials from forming die before knock-out.


The main machine parts like frame or mainslide has been normalized to release the internal stress after casting. It means to avoid deformation.


All cam is designed by computer program and machined through machine center to gain smooth surface and accuracy.


The stability and precision of the mainslide is secured by “Overarm” design and the application of harden alloy steel plates fixed to it will help maintain its precision for a long period of operation.


The machines is equipped with automatic digital control checking device which will sensitively stop the machine and indicate abnormal to operator.


Inverter is installed with AC motor to allow variable speed during testing and production.


Q.T.C. touch panel control system provides numerical adjustment individually for rear knock-out, cutting stopper and feeding length. Up to 99 memory slots to storing settings. Easily lock and loosen die block for tool change. (optional)


It enables the semi-automatic operation of rear knock-out thread, cutting stopper, and feeding length to achieve power saving, speedy, and user friendly operation. (optional)

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