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Thread Rolling Die

Thread rolling dies manufactured by Chun Zu are made of alloy tool steel has high hardness and strength under computerized machinery precision processing procedure. Our products perform the features as follows:


Thread rolling die for tapping screw is manufactured with superior heat treatment technology and is very endurable. Under normal usage condition, the average use life of each set of thread rolling die for tapping screw surpasses of 3 million.


Computer program is utilized to ensure dimension precision. On the top of moving die, there is a starting line that can be used for the alignment with fixed die before material feeding for easy pitching.


Gimlet point flat die is applied to high speed single lead self tapping screws type A or AB, wood screw drywall screw, drill screw and chipboard screw and is also used for the design and manufacturing of special die knurling and embossing.


The Metric and US system dies manufactured by Chun Zu use the material of high speed steel, high alloy tool steel, newly developed HIH and HID die. The surface is processed with anti-slip treatment while HIH die is applicable to the adjustment for high strength and stainless steel used by automobile and aviation industries. HID is good for the manufacturing of stainless screw with 200% longer use life than of competitive products.

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