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CH Heading Machine

A CH Series Specification (PDF)

CH series stands for 1 die 2 blows heading machine.
Equipped with an adjustable plate which is attached to, the K.O. arm always follow the K.O. cam so that the knock out speed starts slowly before acceleration and less noise is caused. Push out rod beyond die is held to a guided slide so that knock out motion from the lever is actuated in line with the motion of the rod.

Safety pins are used for knock out and cut-off mechanism to prevent any damage of the machine parts.

Cut-off roller is supported on both sides to gain maximum rigidity and stable cut-off.

A simple and rational design for absorbing the up and down moving shock of punch slider with a quick adjustment and easy maintenance.

Length of K.O. lever can be adjusted by easy reference of the indicating needle and scale attached to the machine.

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