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Business Vision

Customer satisfaction
No permanent products, only permanent customers”. Chun Zu always views customers’ satisfaction as priority. All employees pay attention to each product to reach customers’ satisfaction.

Industry not only started from humans but also ruined by them.” Under such a competitive environment, all employees of Chun Zu are loyal to the company and have team work. Chun Zu accomplishes annual target and purses sales’ breakthrough growth each year.

If you can one day renovate yourself, do so from day to day and let there be daily renovation”. Chun Zu not only follows customers’ demands but also maintains its own innovative ability in order to enhance its products’ precision, increase production efficiency, and cost-saving.

Customer satisfaction, cooperation, and innovationare our business vision that enhances advanced technology and quality for applications spanning every major sector of the machine industry worldwide. Chun Zu is praised to be a leading firm and labor harmony globally for a series of years. To become a sustainable business industry, Chun Zu will provide the most competitive and leading-edge product toward each customers’ business success.

Shanghai Chun Zu Machinery Industry Ltd.

Address:6639 Jihe Road, Baihe Township, Qinpu County, Shanghai. China 201709.

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